The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality

(ADEQ) proposes to issue Air Quality Control

Renewal Permit Number 71416 to Musket Corporation

for the continued operation of the bulk

fuel transfer terminal located at 1620 Coopertown

Road, Winslow, Navajo County, Arizona. The

mailing address for the facility is P. O. Box 26201,

Oklahoma City, OK 73120. The facility is subject

to the requirements of the Federal Clean Air Act,

Code of Federal Regulations, Arizona Revised

Statute 49-426, and the Arizona Administrative

Code, Title 18, Chapter 2. The facility emits the

following air contaminants: particulate matter,

oxides of nitrogen, carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide,

volatile organic compounds, and hazardous

air pollutants.

This public notice provides information to help

you participate in the decision-making process.

You have an opportunity to submit written comments

on this permit and request that ADEQ hold

a public hearing on the permit. The written comment

shall include the name, mailing address,

signature of commenter and/or their agent or

attorney and shall clearly set forth the reasons

why the permit should or should not be issued.

Grounds for comment are limited to whether the

permit meets the criteria for issuance spelled out

in the state air pollution control laws or rules. The

public notice period is in effect from July 11, 2018

to August 9, 2018. Comments may be submitted

in writing to: Balaji Vaidyanathan, Facilities Emissions

Control Section, ADEQ, 1110 West Washington

Street, 3415A-1, Phoenix, AZ 85007 or

via e-mail Comments must be

received by August 9, 2018.

The draft permit and related documentation

are available for review Monday through Friday

between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., at the ADEQ

Records Center, at 1110 West Washington Street,

Phoenix, Arizona. Please call (602) 771-4380 or

email 48 hours in

advance to schedule an appointment to review

the file. The documents are also available at City

of Winslow, City Clerks’ Office at 21 Williamson

Avenue in Winslow, AZ 86047. The draft permit

and technical support document may be viewed

online at by accessing the Public

Notices at the bottom of the webpage and

searching for the date of this public notice.

ADEQ will consider all comments received in

making a final decision on the proposed permit.

Everyone commenting will receive notification of

the final decision. People who file comments on

the permit will have the right to appeal the final

decision as an appealable agency action to the

Office of Administrative Hearing (OAH) pursuant

to §41.1092.03, and the appeal must be filed

within thirty (30) days after the issuance of the

final decision. The OAH may sustain, modify, or

reverse the final decision.

ADEQ will take reasonable measures to provide

access to department services to individuals

with limited ability to speak, write, or understand

English and/or to those with disabilities. Requests

for language interpretation services or for disability

accommodations must be made at least 48

hours in advance by contacting: 7-1-1 for TDD;

(602) 771-2215 for Disability Accessibility; or Ian

Bingham, Title VI Nondiscrimination Coordinator

at (602) 771-4322 or

ADEQ tomará medidas razonables para proveer

acceso a los servicios del departamento para

personas con capacidad limitada para hablar,

escribir o entender Inglés y / o para las personas

con discapacidad. Las solicitudes de servicios

de interpretación del lenguaje o de alojamiento

de discapacidad deben hacerse por lo menos 48

horas de antelación poniéndose en contacto con

Ian Bingham, Title VI Nondiscrimination Coordinator

al (602) 771-4322 o

Published in the White Mountain Independent:

July 13, July 20, 2018

WMI 1381, F, 2x, 7/13, 7/20/18e

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