Sanctity of Life Day march

On Sunday, Jan. 19, three days before the 47th anniversary of Roe v Wade, dozens of St. Johns residents joined together for a March for Life. The residents walked one mile from the New Covenant Church next to the Post Office to the St. John the Baptist Catholic Church. Afterwards, participants listened to two “survivors of the abortion culture,” Susan and Laura Redinger, and joined in prayer together. Participants in this year’s march were representative of all the different churches in the area. The national March for Life will be held this Saturday, March 24 in Washington D.C. and in states across the nation.

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Women should have reproductive freedom. It's a personal decision.


We already are in charge of our bodies. When you say “women should have reproductive freedom”, your only talking about legalizing abortion. Remember the slogan; safe, legal, and rare. Now it’s anytime, any trimester (even after birth), and any reason.


"We already are in charge of our bodies".....Wrong. The criminalization of women's bodies is all about conservative male power. "When you say women should have reproductive freedom, you're only talking about legalizing abortion".....Wrong. I'm also talking about birth control and any other personal choice. "Now it's anytime, any trimester (even after birth) and any reason".....Wrong. That repeated false claim, stated by President "THE GREAT DECEIVER" has been debunked, yet he still claims it to be true. Look on the bright side. If Pence was President, all women would be wearing chastity belts.


What part of a woman’s body is criminal? I don’t have control over my body? 300,000 babies are aborted every year, how do you blame conservative men for that?

Personal - of, relating to, or affecting a particular person (Webster’s dictionary)

Reproduction isn’t a personal choice it begins with two people and frequently ends with a 3rd person entering the world. It is the opposite of the definition of personal.

It’s typical to refocus an argument to attacks on individuals when you in fact don’t have facts to back your argument. State of New York Senate bill 240 that passed. Virginia house bill 2491 that didn’t pass. In Oregon, Vermont, Colorado, New Hampshire and the District of Columbia have no term limits or viability limits. In Alaska, New Jersey and New Mexico abortions are allowed up until birth. That’s 8 states plus D.C. that allow late term abortion.




All children have a right to be born.

Bob Smith

So...the best way to lower abortion rates is early sex education. Is that part of their plan?

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