• Nov. 18 — Show Low Police arrested Jamerius I. Thompson, 21, of Phoenix, charged with possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, and theft. Police said he was in possession of a stolen pistol, a scale used to weigh marijuana, and a usable amount of marijuana, to which he allegedly admitted ownership. Maceo T. Vanover, 25, of Avondale, was cited and released, charged with possession of marijuana.

— Police arrested Buford Lee, 41, of Cibecue, charged with shoplifting beer and beef jerky valued at approximately $11 from the Circle K convenience store on the corner of the Deuce of Clubs and Clark Road.

• Nov. 19 — Police arrested Ezra J. Kessay, 21, of Tucson, charged with domestic violence-related trespassing and domestic violence-related disorderly conduct. Police said he went to his ex girlfriend’s apartment and banged on the door demanding to be let in. Police said when that did not work he allegedly climbed onto the balcony and again banged on the door to be let in. Police said when that also did not work he jumped off the balcony hurting his ankle which needed medical attention after his arrest on the charges noted above, and on a Pinetop Justice Court warrant for intimidation/stalking/disorderly conduct-fighting that came with a $1,500 bond.

— Police responded to the Walgreen’s store on White Mountain Road and Cub Lake Road where an officer arrested Gustavo Chairez Ruiz, 33, of Lakeside, charged with stealing a cell phone from the employee break room. Police said Chairez Ruiz tried unsuccessfully to use the phone before he was caught and allegedly admitted to the theft and showed officers where he hid the phone which was returned to the owner in good condition.

• Nov. 20 — Police at Show Low High School cited and referred to juvenile authorities a 17-year-old girl, charged with vaping in class.

— Police arrested Brian M. Busch, 32, of Show Low, charged with domestic violence-related assault and domestic violence-related disorderly conduct. Police said that during an argument with his father, Busch allegedly grabbed him by the throat while accusing him of abusing his mother, which police said was completely unfounded based on questioning of the married couple who reportedly denied any kind of abuse by one against the other.

— Police cited and released Daphne H. Walker, 24, of Show Low, charged with driving with a suspended license.

— Police arrested Derek D. Bahlen, 27, of Whiteriver, on a Pinetop Justice Court warrant for failure to appear on original charges of drinking in public, reckless burning and criminal nuisance that came with a $1,500 bond.

— Police arrested George Morrow, 56, of Sonora, Calif., charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia.

— Police arrested Tammi J. Bennette, 47, of Show Low, charged with domestic violence-related disorderly conduct. Police said they were called by her husband for a welfare check because she was reportedly behaving out or normal. Police said their children were sent out of the home to a safe place by the husband and that when police arrived the wife was still yelling at her husband causing a public disturbance.

— Police arrested Royal D. Miller, 81, of Show Low, charged with DUI.

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