SHOW LOW — Bicycle Motocross (BMX) is a sport for the whole family to attend.

BMX racing is extremely exciting, thrilling and fun for the entire family to be involved in, whether it be spectating or racing you are sure to have a blast.

Riders race on their dirt bikes with a race track full of jumps, rollers and turns challenging their skills. The rider’s bike is smaller than the average bike because the rider must be able to stay nimble and because the rider never really sits down.

Riders also wear full face helmets with padded pants, gloves and long-sleeve shirts to help ensure safety.

The city of Show Low has revamped its old BMX track thanks to Josh and Whitney Bagge, who where able to get the city of Show Low to approve the remodel of the track.

Wednesday night was just the second time the track was open for use to the public, with a great turnout in guests. During practice Whitney was asked how much time and hard work was put into rebuilding the track?

“Well, my husband, Josh, started building the track with just him and his father in March, working 40-hour weeks. They finished it just a couple weeks ago, so it took about three months and a lot of hard work and dedication,” Baggy said.

BMX is a great sport to sign your children up for especially since we now have a local track, it does not cost too much money and is a great activity that helps keep the kids out of trouble and staying active.

Whitney was later asked what made you guys want to rebuild the track for the community?

“We had kids who participated in BMX when we first moved here so we heard they had a track and went to check it out. Turned out the track wasn’t really a track, so we contacted the city and got something going with them. We really just wanted something for our kids and the community kids to do,” she added.

The city of Show Low made a fantastic decision remodeling the track now giving the community a safe and fun environment to bring your family and friends to.

Bagee was finally asked when will completive races start?

“So, we really could start running races tonight if we had more people. Father’s Day (June 20) will most likely be the first race but we really want more of the local community kids to come out and give it a shot so we can have more races. Also the big race will be the state BMX race Aug. 20th,” she added.

It is the perfect time of the year to get out of the house and go to your local BMX track. For more information on hours and races, go to the Show Low BMX Facebook page. This is a phenomenal way to have loads of fun with the family and support the community at the same time.


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