Backs manager

Arizona Diamondback general manager Mike Hazen is overseeing a young team with four players ranked in the top 100 MLB prospects, including top prospect Corbin Carroll, who the team signed to an 8-year, $111 million contract extension this month, with team option for the ninth year.

SCOTTSDALE — Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Corbin Carroll spent 38 days and 32 games on the major league roster in 2022. Despite the small sample size, the organization had seen enough to make a massive financial commitment to Carroll, who is the first in a line of highly-touted prospects.

Carroll, only 22 years old and the second-best prospect in Major League Baseball, signed an 8-year, $111 million contract extension earlier this month. The deal is the largest guaranteed contract for any player with less than 100 MLB service days and carries a ninth-year club option that would potentially keep him in Phoenix through the end of his age 31 season.

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