Big Lake Trout.

Arizona Game and Fish

Department as of Sept. 7

Just in time for the return of football season, fall weather, and dove hunting, channel catfish will make their return to Community Fishing Program waters.

For rainbow trout chasers, water temperatures in the low- to high-50s still favor trout-stocked streams in the high country. Better water quality in these streams should also make fish more active as long as flows are not high due to monsoon rains. See this week’s stockings below for other trout hot spots — we also stocked some big, native Gila trout into Goldwater Lake.

We also had a report from Big Lake (pictured right) that cutthroat trout are shallow, spawning and active and rainbow trout are worth targeting from a boat.

We’re entering a new moon phase, which will make using submersible lights at night extremely effective. Night fishing should be great at hot spots such as Lake Pleasant, Lake Mead, Lake Mohave and Lake Powell.

At some desert impoundments such as Roosevelt and Bartlett lakes, reaction baits (crankbaits, jerkbaits, spinner baits) can be a good early morning option.

There are reports that at Canyon Lake (water temperature around 81 degrees), water quality has improved and fishing has picked up significantly with plastics on Texas and drop shot rigs being the most effective techniques.

This week’s scheduled stockings

Rainbow trout: Tonto Creek (58-62 degrees), Mingus Lake (62), Fain Lake (68), Show Low Creek, Dogtown Reservoir (74), Ashurst Lake (68), Oak Creek, Frances Short Pond (68), Goldwater Lake (73), Colorado River. Gila trout: Goldwater Lake (73). Apache trout: Silver Creek (57), West Fork-Little Colorado River-Greer (53), East Fork-Black River, West Fork-Black River.

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