FOOL HOLLOW LAKE STATE PARK — Warm, sunny conditions greeted a host of young anglers at the Hatch Toyota Fishing Derby on Saturday, June 23.

No lunker pike were caught as in last year’s derby, but the youngsters did turn in quite a catch despite not-so-perfect conditions. It was a good day, as always, to be at the lake.

Prizes such as bikes, a drone and even entertainment at White Mountain Family Fun park, were awarded for the largest fish caught in four age groups. The winner of the grand-prize drawing was given a 12-foot swimming pool.

The largest catch of the day was landed by one of the smallest anglers, as Issabell Cobb’s 2.84-pound catfish took first in the 0-to-4 age group and a new bicycle for Cobb.

Bass, bluegill, bullhead, catfish, rainbow trout and walleye were all among the types of fish to win awards for the youngters.

Hatch Toyota Fishing Derby

At Fool Hollow Lake State Park

Saturday, June 23

0-4 age group — 1. Issabell Cobb, 2.84-pound catfish, 2. Aiden Kichhoff, 1.6 lb. bass, 3. Zephyr Stephens, 1.09 lb. bass.

5-8 age group — 1. Dominic Stephens, 1.51 lb. bass, 2. Parker Logan, 1.40 lb. trout, 3. Regan Brimhall 1.36 lb. trout.

9-12 age group — 1. Billy Brimhall, 1.14 lb. trout, 2. Josh Ortega, .88 lb. walleye, 3. Arizya Heward, .47 lb. catfish.

13-16 age group — 1. Hunter Deming, 1.21 lb. trout, 2. Hal Dyer, 1.04 lb. bass, 3. Sarya Heward, .56 lb. bullhead.

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