The forest may be closed but it was still a weekend packed full of thrills, excitement and fun in the White Mountains thanks to the Round Valley rodeo grounds and Taylor rodeo grounds hosting their annual Fourth of July rodeos.

Nothing makes you feel more American than going to the rodeo, which would explain the thousands of people in attendance at both the Taylor and Round Valley rodeo grounds.

Everyone in attendance was more than thrilled to have the rodeo return this year due to last year’s being canceled because of COVID-19 and unsafe stands.

Taylor and Round Valley started their nights off with a prayer followed by the national anthem with everyone in attendance singing along, reminding everyone of all the men and women who served and gave their lives for freedom.

Taylor held events in team roping, calf roping, barrel racing, breakaway, bareback riding, saddle bronc and everyone’s favorite of bull riding.

Round Valley held events in calf roping, team roping, barrel racing, breakaway, bareback riding, saddle bronc, bull riding and an amazing wild horse race.

The rodeos were jampacked with competition from all around the state with some of the best men and women in rodeo competing for buckles and cash prizes.

Food was everywhere, music was playing and everyone was just so glad to be at the rodeos this weekend giving the participants and fans a taste of normalcy again, getting to spend lost quality time with family and watching some of the best athletes in rodeo duke it out.

The Taylor Rodeo Grounds wrapped up an amazing Fourth of July weekend with a phenomenal fireworks show for everyone to enjoy.

If you missed out on all the rodeos in the White Mountains this weekend that is OK because one of the biggest rodeos of the year is still to come, with Taylor hosting its Pioneer Days Rodeo July 23-24 with fireworks shows each night.

For more information on future rodeos, go to the Round Valley Facebook page, the SWBRA Facebook page and the Linden Valley Arena Facebook page.

Both the Taylor and Round Valley rodeo grounds encourage everyone to come out to future rodeos and help support the local communities while enjoying the rodeo with the family.

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