The Arizona Interscholastic Association Executive Board met on Wednesday and issued preliminary outlines for the return to high school sports in the fall.

“For 2A to 6A (11-man football), an eight to 10-game schedule can be achieved by starting competition on the week of Sept. 7. (Division) 1A (eight-man) football is looking at modifications, if necessary,” the AIA board said in a press release following the meeting. “The remainder of the fall sports can be adjusted slightly to possibly ensure complete regular seasons. Estimated starting dates for competition … in other fall sports is the week of Sept. 7.

“Preliminary plans are in place to finish all fall sports seasons on time and in full with modifications,” the board determined. “Some of these ideas, among others, will be taken to the leadership of each conference as decisions would need to be made for who would qualify for the postseason and how many schools per sport. These are only preliminary outlines and nothing is finalized yet.”

Some schools have set start dates for virtual schooling before the governor’s target date of Aug. 17.

The AIA determined that Aug. 17 has been identified as the start date of the AIA fall season. Until then, all schools must operate under summer rules as per the AIA handbook,” the board determined.

The board also pushed back for two weeks the deadline to submit for hardships, allowing schools more time to better identify and process transfer students.

Also, the AIA will be issuing a survey about reopening plans to member school principals on Aug. 4. The survey is due back at the AIA by Aug. 7. The results will be shared with the association’s Crisis Management Committee before it goes before the Executive Board on Aug. 17 at its regularly scheduled meeting.

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