Lawn mower racing

A collection of lawn mowers that can be used in racing.

Lawn mower racing will be held for the third straight year around Labor Day in Taylor, but the group organizing the function might be cutting out of Taylor in the future.

The group is hoping to relocate to another venue in the White Mountains and is also hoping for help from Apache or Navajo counties or one of the incorporated communities.

While the 2021 event at the Taylor Rodeo Grounds is still set to go, another racing night could be held before or after Labor Day if a suitable location is arranged.

The group has managed to stage lawn mower races at the rodeo grounds inside its 150-foot arena for two years, but “not everyone lives for a horse. It would be nice to have other options,” said Dale Letcher, one of the lawn mower racing organizers.

In addition, the group is trying to attract more competitors and incorporate other activities, Letcher said. He said he has contacted area high schools in an attempt to get auto shop students involved but has received little response.

A typical event will consist of 10 to 15 laps on the 150-foot rodeo grounds, and there can be up to four classes of racing depending on the number of competitors. Classes range from beginners up to a division in which there are no limitations on how lawn mower motors can be set. Some lawn mowers can race as fast as 100 miles per hour, but the rodeo grounds is too small for the vehicles to race at that pace, Letcher said.

Racers can use any make or model of lawn mower but usually they use “whatever they have sitting in their backyard,” Letcher said.

Letcher can be reached at 602-717-6088.

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