Snowflake volleyball

The Lobos huddle after scoring a point against Round Valley in the first set on Sept. 8.

SNOWFLAKE — The Lobos swept Holbrook and Round Valley in consecutive volleyball matches last week.

On Sept. 8 against the Elks, Lobo standout Macee LeSueur followed up her amazing play from Sept. 7 another impressive night. Again her serves were great and she played even better above the net.

In the first match, the Lobos controlled each aspect of the game. The Elks’ play, on the other hand, felt disjointed and they couldn’t seem to orchestrate a coordinated offense.

Lily Lundberg’s play set the tone for the set. Braxton Jones’ sets were accurate and gave her teammates opportunities to freely attack the net.

The second set saw Round Valley step up its play and breathed new life into them.

The Elks managed to keep up with Snowflake until both teams reached double digits. The Lobos rose to the occasion. Macey Gardner, Addy Fisher and LeSueur played a dominant set above the net overpowering the inspired Elks.

Both teams battled in the final set, but the scrappy defense of the Lobos refused to allow points.

Gardner came alive in the last two sets and was able to create great offense even out of muddled plays.

Round Valley’s MacKenzie Merrill and Jessica Soderberg fought hard in the final match, but still were unable to capture the win.

The entire Lobo team stepped up its play. A few girls in particular made great improvements from the game one day prior: Kimberlee Eich, Fisher and Kadee Penrod.

Eich served consistently, allowing the Lobos to go on runs that changed the momentum of the game. She made diving saves and helped the Lobos push the lead multiple times.

Fisher was dominant at the net. The sophomore outside hitter brought energy and power to the game.

Her hits either slammed into the floor or ricocheted off an opponent’s arms in the wrong direction.

When asked about why the front line seemed to be in control the entire game, Fisher said, “Braxton (Snowflake’s setter) was really on today. Our passers did great. I think our passing percentage as a whole team went up.”

She also complimented the energy in the building, both the energy from the team and from the crowd. She said that the team feeds off that positivity and it played a major role in its success.

Another Lobo who showed some prowess from the serving stripe was Penrod. She created points off of aces or difficult serves as she displayed one of her strongest volleyball skills.

This week Snowflake took its 4-0 record on the road to play Phoenix Northwest Christian on Tuesday.

A night before playing Round Valley, the Lobos hosted their first home game this season and finished off the Roadrunners 3-0. They won each game without their opponents reaching the 20-point mark.

LeSueur made the biggest impact on the game, and her dominance pervaded all aspects of the game.

In each of the first two games when the Lobos opened up a lead, it was her tricky and consistent serves that created the differential. LeSueur played powerfully at the net and contributed at key moments in the game.

Lunberg made her presence felt doing the less glamorous, but critical job of hustling and making saves that prevented Holbrook from gaining any momentum.

Multiple times when the play broke down, Lundberg’s quick reflexes turned a good Holbrook hit into a better Snowflake save.

Lunberg was the glue that kept Snowflake together and she did most of the work behind the scenes.

Those two girls played well throughout the entirety of the game. However, the third match belonged to Gardner.

After playing well the first two matches, Gardner came alive in the third. She took command beginning with a powerful kill. She followed that up with a block for another point and scored the next play on another hit.

Then she stepped up to serve and delivered a pair of points. She completely imposed her will at the end of the game.

She hit over, between and off of blocks giving the audience a clinic at how to attack the net.

Addy Flake came in match two and let the Roadrunners feel the raw talent that earned her a spot on the varsity squad. Her hits were on target and resulted in multiple points for her team.

A hit’s potential is only as good as the set it’s given. Jones deserves a huge shoutout for her ability to keep the defense on its toes and find her teammates for many well-placed hits.

She even got some time in the third match to reverse her roll and get in a few hits of her own.

The Lobos look good this year and they should only grow better from here.

They have a sophomore-studded squad boasting three within their starting lineup and another couple coming in off the bench.

The future looks bright for the Lobos.

To Holbrook’s credit, their ladies were scrappy and tried to make the most out of situations that, more often than not, were not in their favor.

They began the game getting some powerful blocks in the first set, but the Lobos’ offense was just too overwhelming. The differences in height played a big role as the Snowflake players often found a way over or around the block.

A powerful hit that split the blockers and crashed into the floor before anyone was able to react ended the game delivered by the lady who dominated the entire night: LeSueur. A fitting ending for a game that had her stamp on it from the very beginning.

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