EAGAR — Round Valley held a wrestling multimeet at the Round Valley High School gym on Saturday that included the boys teams of Queen Creek, American Leadership in Queen Creek and the host Elks.

The multi format is a little different from a dual in which teams compete against one other team, or an actual tournament in which matchups are not based on schools but by one of the 14 weight classes designated by the Arizona Interscholastic Association.

The first team match included Queen Creek, led by coach Joel Anderson, and it went head to head with ALA that is led by coach T.K. Workman.

Queen Creek was able to pull the team victory with a score of 57-21.

Round Valley then faced ALA directly and lost the team match 54-18.

Round Valley then moved on to face Queen Creek and again lost the team match 60-18.

Most of the points surrendered by the Elks were due to not having a wrestler to compete in many weight classes.

Despite the lopsided team scores, Round Valley competed well against the larger schools.

The Elks had only five wrestlers compete. Competing members for Round Valley included Aarron Merrill, Kinnly Colwell, Connor Lackey, Morgan Orona and Conner Hyer.

Orona, a senior, found success with pins in both his matches with Queen Creek and ALA.

Colwell also was able to pin both of his opponents.

Merrill wrestled once and pinned his opponent.

Lackey got one pin and was pinned once.

Round Valley head coach Shawn Salazar was very happy with the team’s performance after the head-to-head matches. He felt the boys wrestled “really well,” he said.

Salazar acknowledges being short of a full team, but he feels as if the kids he has can compete effectively in the weight classes they are in.

The team is mostly competing in the lighter weight classes, but Salazar is “hoping in the years to come to gain some of that back” and fill in additional weight classes to compete.

After the full round of team matchups the meet moved to an exhibition setting, which essentially gives the teams and kids an opportunity to wrestle again but it isn’t a match that goes on the team or individuals’ records.

This format can be used by coaches to get additional work in for the team, or it can give a chance to focus on technique refinement based on performance in a previous match in the day.

Salazar is looking forward to a few more tournaments or matches this month to provide some additional time for his team to refine technique and also get a couple of wrestlers back on the mat who were unable to participate last weekend.

This will all be in preparation for sectional wrestling matches coming up Feb 12. Sectionals will determine both teams and individuals that qualify to head to the state championship tournament scheduled to be held in Phoenix at the Veterans Memorial Coliseum on Feb. 17-19.

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