It was another fantastic year for the Show Low and Snowflake Little League baseball teams helping keep the children in the community active, involved, and learning how to play the game of baseball.

The Little League baseball season has sadly come to a close except for the Majors baseball group and the Juniors baseball group from Show Low and Snowflake, who will play their best selected players in this year’s Little League District 1 All-Star tournament.

Games for the Majors started June 28 and go through July 6, and the Juniors will be played from July 1-8, with the winner from each group earning the opportunity to play in the All-Star state game.

Although it will not be easy, Show Low and Snowflakes All-Star teams will face some very tough competition with teams from all around the Mountain competing in the tournament. Both of Show Low’s and Snowflake’s players put in so much time, work and dedication during the season starting all the way back in March all the way to now, practicing their swings, pitches and most importantly learning teamwork.

Players would not be capable of doing these things, if not for their coaches and parents who make sure to provide everything their player or child needs all to help them achieve their goals. Show Low and Snowflake are sure to make a good run in this year’s tournament with teams full of talent and drive.

For more information on game times and location you can go to, if you are looking for a fun time with the family or just want to watch a good baseball game then head out and go support your local Show Low and Snowflake Little League All-Star teams before it’s too late.

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