SNOWFLAKE — The Lobos started Friday’s game strong with Rhett Wengert running 45 yards on the kickoff. Camden Brimhall followed it up with a 20-yard gain. The Winslow Bulldogs managed to stop the next series of plays, but they couldn’t stop a 32-yard kick from Sam Crockett.

Winslow never could seem to get its offense together. Small pushes and occasionally getting a first down was about all the Bulldogs could manage.

On the next drive it was Caden Cantrell who ran the ball in for a touchdown.

A quick interception by Cooper Rapier and subsequent run by him put the Lobos back in good scoring position. Noah Baum caught a 15-yard pass to score again.

The very next drive it was again the Cantrell-Baum connection that scored on a 20-yard pass.

After another Winslow turnover, Brimhall ran for 41 yards over three plays to set up the Lobo offense. This time it was Tyler Clare who scored the touchdown on a 25-yard pass.

Cantrell again found an open Baum for a touchdown on the next drive. Cantrell’s throws on Friday night were superb. He managed to put the ball in the exact sweet spot where the defender had no chance to touch it, but his receivers had no trouble snatching it out of the air.

Lance Christenson starred in the next drive going for close to 50 yards on two plays. Wengert finished off the drive by running in another touchdown.

When Snowflake did put in a couple backup players, sophomore Jett McCray scored a touchdown after getting only a few carries.

Then came halftime with a score of 52-0.

It was a running clock and the second half flew by with hardly any excitement. Crockett scored the only points of the second half with a field goal.

The final play of the game created the perfect punch line for Snowflake: an interception by Davyn McCray. The game ended 55-0.

Other highlight plays and players:

• Matthew Brimhall making a great defensive read to stop the run in the very beginning of the game

• Jordan Mowers swatting down a Winslow pass as he applied pressure to the quarterback

• Easton Butler exploding for a 14-yard run on his first play in the game

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