Snowflake volleyball

Snowflake’s Braxton Jones sets to outside hitter Macee LeSueur.

SNOWFLAKE — Snowflake played its final home game of the season against Blue Ridge on Oct. 26.

Both teams suffered from a series of miscommunication lapses early in the first match. Snowflake turned itself around faster than its opponents by setting to a wide variety of hitters. This game was Snowflake’s most well-rounded home game all season.

A large portion of this change in play must have come from the defensive strategy Blue Ridge employed. The Yellowjackets knew that Macee LeSueur is Snowflake’s most prolific hitter and they made sure she was defended heavily.

Charese Dazen and Clare Yorksmith made it especially difficult for LeSueur to get in a rhythm early. They scored off of blocks or tipped hits to allow their defenders to recover more easily.

Despite the efforts of the Blue Ridge blockers, Snowflake managed to come up with the victory in the first set.

The second set was much more even. Neither team raced ahead of the other until Braxton Jones stepped up to serve with the score at 15-10. She served for seven straight points, four of which were aces.

From there, Snowflake closed out the game 25-13.

The final set saw a classic battle. Blue Ridge refused to yield. After being down 9-5, the Yellowjackets closed the gap and never allowed Snowflake to get more than three points ahead.

The catalyst for this momentum swing was a particular volley in which both teams must have had five or more opportunities to score. The two teams slammed against one another with everything they had and eventually Blue Ridge outlasted its Lobo counterparts.

Anna Berges showed not only powerful hits, but also a knack for tipping the ball over blockers to open areas on the Lobo side.

LeSueur battled for her team and came up with pivotal points at the end of the third and final match. In a close game, Snowflake won 25-23.

Two Snowflake players had their best home game of the season: Macey Gardner and Taylor Hancock. Both scored seven times off of hits. To add to her career night, Gardner also got at least one block in all three sets she played.

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