Grocery race: Tuddy Smart team, first; Aubrey Clontz team, second; Taycee Cook team, third

Wild cow milking: Garret Wood team, first; Terry Stratton team, second; Skyler Wengert team, third

Tie down roping: Homer Sanders first, 10.13 seconds; Cody Shurtz second, 12.39; Trent Tidwell third,12.68

Ribbon roping: Shanae Stratton/Terry Stratton first, 8.78 sconds; Kelsie Stratton/Terry Statton second ,9.75; Treyonna Borrego/Gordie Nikolaus third, 10.15

Keg race: Riggin Reed first; Jacob Ballard second; Kyle Burt, third

Saddle bronc: Stade Riggs first, 80; Jake Salcito second, 77

Barrel racing: Summer Hatch first, 16.34 seconds; Raney Neubauer second, 16.56; Kallie Brannon third, 17.50

Junior barrels: Lakyn Melton first, 17.37 seconds; Macy Moore second, 17.76; Shaatohi Henio third, 17.77

Kids steer riding: Waylan Peters first, 80; Riley Morgan second, 77; Duan Chatto third, 69

Kids ribbon roping: Rhett Frost/Brendon Frost first, 9.75; Kanon Nikolaus/Gordie Nikolaus second, 11.79; Prycee Westcott/Choc Westcott third, 12.08

Pony keg race: Caleb Ballard first; Kanon Nikolaus second; Waylon Peters third

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