SHOW LOW — Is something out there?

In July, Don Woodward of Show Low announced to the world that he is seeing unidentified flying objects (UFOs) over the White Mountains every night. Over the past four months UFOs are still there, according to Woodward.

Some people might think the 83-year-old man is seeing things, but he has stepped up his investigation and now offers photographic proof that something is indeed out there.

The author of this story loaned Woodward a very special camera that is modified to capture full spectrum images ranging from ultraviolet into visible and infrared light.

Woodward has used the modified Canon camera to capture some amazing images that just can’t be explained. In four months, he took 1,030 images using the full spectrum camera.

Among the many exposures made, Woodward captured two amazing phenomena. One he calls “The Angel” and the other “A force field with a faint triangle of lights inside it.”

Both images were captured the night of August 23 and taken in the dark night sky at 1/200 of a second with an aperture of about f:4.5 at 3200 ISO using a “normal” 50mm lens.

What this means is whatever was in the sky that night, it was bright and it was large.

“The camera that you loaned me is really great,” Woodward said. “When I point that camera at these triangle UFOs — they are the ones with the seven lights — the lights blend together. When you do get a picture, you get something different (than what he sees in person) — what I used to call a protection field. I’ve changed that — it’s an energy field that they are putting out.”

Woodward said when the seven-light triangles are photographed with the full-spectrum camera you get a different color and a different pattern that what is seen in visible light.

“These triangles are out every night of the week for the last four months straight. Sometimes you don’t seem them and an hour later, they’re all over,” he said.

Over the past four months, Woodward has captured more than a few interesting images. In fact, there seem to be a consistency with some of the UFOs that he’s photographing.

Some of the images can be explained as camera shake or lens aberrations and lens flare. Some of the images cannot be reasonably explained.

“Every time you run it through the computer, they’re all different but the fact remains that there are triangles. I can see that triangle with the lights when I put it in the viewfinder. I don’t get the triangles with seven lights — I get everything else,” he said.

The images that Woodward has taken have not been altered or manipulated in a computer, other than cropping to a specific area of the frame.

The “Energy Field” images feature a round red orb with a faint white triangle inside and a clear green glowing edge.

“This is the clearest energy field I have ever seen of all the pictures I’ve taken. I have several photos. I really think this is just a clear image of the energy field. I can also see the triangle. It is faint but it is there. It was bright (in person),” Woodward said. “I know one thing — they’re here and they’re here every night of the week. Some weeks there are as many of 16 of them. I’ve counted 16 several different times. They’re up so high.”

Woodward said originally, he thought the UFOs were visiting to cause harm to humanity. Now he’s developed a new point of view.

“These UFOs — you will never see them in the daytime. I have a really absurd answer as to why they’re here. It all comes back to the angels,” he said.

Woodward said since 2008 several photographs of nearly translucent angels have surfaced in the UFO community. Because he was using a full-spectrum camera, an angel in the sky was captured in the image. He believes the angels are hidden behind the energy fields that look like a red orb with green edges.

This one is the only one that has color in it,” he said as he pointed to his photograph of the angel. “There’s two more of these (angel images) and they’re all transparent. You can see the color of her hair (in his image). I think it’s the same angel and I think they come from those UFOs. That’s really weird, I know. I know it sounds really far out but that’s what I think,” Woodward said.

Woodward has closely detailed sightings of “triangle pattern” UFOs and their “mother ship” flying in the area for more than 300 nights in the past year.

Woodward credits his many sightings of UFOs on his inability to sleep for more than a few hours at a time.

Jim Headley is a lifelong journalist and photojournalist and served as a reporter, editor and publisher in Nebraska,Wyoming and Kansas for more than three decades before coming to Arizona.

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Who's to say? Are we really alone? No one knows for sure, do they? Look what we've discovered in the last 50 years. Imagine what we may discover in the next 50 years.

Bob Smith

Maybe the Aliens can show us how to finally build flying cars!


I love to see our local newspaper taking these issues seriously. With the 2017 articles in the NYT we are finally seeing respected journalists take up the subject. This is just the beginning. Like cakeman said, who knows what we'll know in 50 years.


Trust me they exist. They are not Aliens per se. They are us from the past millions of years ago when Earth was not able to support life. They moved to our cosmos to rebuild where millions of years and evolution took place. Large eyes for dark times, no hair as being because of the sheltered times. Small mouths because there was no need to consume food like we do today because pill forms of nutrients are only needed. Think about it.


I gotta get ahold of this dude. For at least the past 8 years these objects have been in our skies. I would call them ufos only because they meet the definition but one must not assume that they are alien. Whatever they are they are clearly monitoring things around us. Whether it be people of interest or the Forrest or cattle and rangeland . Who knows . Most likely the monitoring of people. This guy definitely is not seeing things. I know exactly what he is talking about and it's very real. Personally I believe that the most likely responsible party is not an alien or alien civilization but rather our own government. To assume they are aliens would mean that aliens follow our laws when it comes to flashing lights on aircraft and the colors those lights are to be. I have a good idea where they are coming from and is love to share my thoughts with this guy

He is definitely speaking truth that they're in our skies almost every night not on windy nights or foul weather nights.

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