MWitch - you’ve got to be kidding me. Daniel didn’t try to cross the creek in a go cart! The vehicle he was driving was more than capable of making that crossing if it hadn’t hit a bad spot in the creek bed. Bad decision- maybe, but murderer - not even close. The Rawlings family has alrea…

Make that 2 votes. One extreme complaining about the extremism of the other side. When will Country count more than being a Republican or Democrat?

2linden commented on A colorful reunion

Without the SRC comments, it just wouldn’t have been a good story OR the points that Ms Baker was trying to make would have come through. Maybe that is what she ment by “the activists trying to promote their own agendas of division”?

Why send McSally to Congress? Just give her vote to Trump and take our chances? She wouldn’t stand up to him if he wanted to put everyone in Arizona that wouldn’t bow down to him behind bars! She is all about party before Country. Oh, by the way, she lies too.

2linden commented on City, Owens resolved zoning suit

I’ve, unfortunately, had to deal with Miss Owens over the past 35 years. Her memory of what was said, promised,or agreed to is very short and selective. I Have witnessed, on many occasions,the City bending over backwards to try to appease her, Only to tell anyone that would listen how awf…

Either cleaned it up or filled the swamp. $550,000 buys a lot of political favors!

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Titans? No wonder our judicial system is so messed up. Need some adults in the room.

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Spread the Virus! Thank you Mayor Hamblin.

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It was one of the nicest “spread the virus” parade in the State.

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Mr Jussila - please stop believing everything in the “National Enquirer” Is 100% correct. Or even 20% correct!