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Ain't it the truth?! All of those public-workers who were out there patching potholes a few months ago did so with mud. Job security!

Good letter, Twila. It's a shame that so many of the decisions made for our natural resources are made by people whose idea of the great outdoors is a mall parking lot.

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I feel your pain, Cecil. Although I'm unfamiliar with the bridge incident which prompted your letter, there's rarely a day when I don't decry the waste of our tax dollars. I guess all we can do is to refuse to vote for a single thing which raises taxes, but that seems like coals to Newcas…

Thank you RockyRidge! Yours is the best comment on this topic! Now, if only we could find a way to force implementation.

Francesca... I always enjoy your thoughts on hospice care. I wish there was a way to get people more interested in it!

Good thoughts, Wayne. Thanks for sharing.

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Thanks for your comments, Judy. Remember all those lefties who promised to 'leave the country' if Trump was elected? Guess Venezuela and their other choices didn't look that great up close, did they?

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Thank you, Linda, your letter spoke for many of us.

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Thank you, Trudy, for sharing this beautifully written story. Like everyone, I always noticed whether the horses were out and about or not and they made me smile. The bay looked lonely today. The pasture itself and its buildings are one of the rapidly disappearing relics of my childhood. …

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Wonderful story and beautifully written! Thanks for sharing some of our local history.