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Leslie Baker writes her articles just so she has something to read. They are just ponderous.

Like I said, never seen so many crazies. (Think I'll get a rubber stamp made just for Airwuf's posts)

Like I said, never seen so many crazies.

Arizona is "THE GONG SHOW" of the USA. Never seen so many crazies.

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The Republican Party is more. It's now the Q-TrumpliKKKan Party. or GQP for short.

Eyes will be on this for a long time.

This doctor is awesome!

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I have used Isaac's services twice. Fast, inexpensive, and professional. thanks!

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I was also surprised at this irresponsible action. Should have found another way.

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I'd like to know your legitimate sources, and dates for your statistics. Also what is the definition of "establishes" please.