"Hey fellas, hold my beer and watch this!"

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Want a real interesting read? Make some popcorn, get a cold drink, and research Liberty Counsel. Form your own opinion.

As I've said in the past, and for some political reason WMI will not post it, If there was oversight on these departments, real oversight, this would never have risen to such a level. Sorry for the run on sentence. Look at the higher ups in these departments and ask them how this mushroom…

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Just another "Trumpanzee" that tweets from the bathroom.

I still say it looks like a giant bird feeder. What's nesting in there by now?

Yes coal is clean. Just look at the air in China.[wink][whistling]

Hey Sylvia! What color were the people inhabiting this land when the pilgrims landed? You also claim mandatory church attendance? Are you not forcing your religious views on others by using your position? You have no business being in office madam.

Intelligence two points above plant life!