Deadeye Dave

Because users ca die easily from overdoses, the charges for these 2 clowns should include attempted murder.

You know, We here about "the cause is under investigation" on these fires, but very rarely do we here from WMI what was the result of those investigations. Maybe more sunlight with publication of fines/jail would decrease the number fires.[smile]

I believe that the "vet" you're looking for comes with another "t".

It would seem that the Navajo BOS should be more concerned about a sitting Senator using fake Native American credentials to get a leg up in her career.

"El Niño storms keep ADOT crews busy repairing potholes "

They're losing the battle.

Sounds like Kirkpatrick has taken communication lessons from the Obfuscator-in-Chief.

Will all of our air conditioners shut off when the sun goes down?

Are we getting the solar panels for free from bankrupt Solyndra as repayment for 500M+ loan guarantee?

How much will this new boondoggle cost the taxpayers?

More money is not necessarily the answer. There has to ultimately be true reforms that will bring accountability to the taxpayers before that should happen.

Deadeye Dave commented on Cellular One opens in Pinetop

I know that the community isn't that big. But, why can't you include an Address with your business or event announcements?

Does this mean that the Town will have more resources to maintain the streets? Doubt It!