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fishinguy commented on Mail-in ballots are important

Not a problem as long as the person sending in the ballot is infact a legal certified resident registered voter. It is all of the non legal unregistered one that concerns me and boxes that show up late.

fishinguy commented on SLUSD gets earful from residents

Knowing a few former teachers I hope they attend the Thursday meeting and get to tell there story. They left for all of the nonsense going on at the top. Like when they attempted to enforce policy and board members disreguard them for doing what policy says. The school district needs a pr…

fishinguy commented on Electric vehicles are inevitable

This would be fine and dandy for our country but what about the rest of the world poluters??? What are they doing to assist with this polution issue? How are they going forward? What electric car charging stations do they have?

This has to be world global issue.

fishinguy commented on Electric vehicles are inevitable

Well go out and get yor electric car...let me know how long it takes to drive across country. How many hours it will take you? Tell me where all of this magical electricty will be generated when the wind and sun are not shining?

Look the combustion engine came around in the 1880's, …

fishinguy commented on Really?

The previous Administration I feel kept me safe from the invaders illegals entering the country across the southern boarder. You cannot convince me that terrorist are not coming in the country and setting up the terrorist cell. Now please tell me if this admin sleepy Joe tellepromter read…

fishinguy commented on SL council approves splash pad

Long over due for the community. The children need to have a place run play get wet and cool off during the warmer months. The current aquatic center is very busy in summer and on occasion reaches capacity. Sorry for some in the community do not feel that way about having another thing fo…

Our last president got blamed for everything and anything. So now our current brain dead president and his administration is to be blamed. What goes around and comes around. By this time next year I have hope that Joe Biden will be impeached for not up hold the constitution. He is more co…

Hmm to many false statements, Korea is lauching more missles, the USA is being invaded by those comingin from the south, gas prices up. Those are facts and how some do not see this are blinded.

fishinguy commented on One year under Biden

Oh My I honestly do not care for the inflated fuel prices, food prices,etc. Not Good. Just look to the south and watch illegals breaking our laws and then they fly them at night to cites and dump them off at our expense. Not good. Look at Joe Biden poll numbers today as compared to a year…

fishinguy commented on Sinema’s Support of Minority Rule

She did the correct thing. She is smart and looking out for all of us on both sides of the isle. I want every one whom wants to vote to have a Voter ID. Some form of legal ID, drivers liscense, passport, state issued ID. Something to indentify the LEGAL voter.