Now please lets keep the money in NAVAJO COUNTY and not send a dime to Sovereign Nations that are in our county. They do not pay one cent in property taxes, school tax etc. I feel the representation of the Board of Supervisors should not include any representation from any not tax paying …

She may be fit for the position....some of my concern is how much money may go the non property tax payers in the county if she gets the position. Specifically our property tax dollars going to the native American reservations. Remember people the reservations are a sovereign nation. If o…

fishinguy commented on Year around resident

I stand behind you statement. I do hope the Summer Visitors Flat Landers Desert Dwellers read your letter to the editor. Personally have come across several rude crude Summer visitors whom do not own property here.

It comes down to respect for all whether your drive an old Ford or a…

Nancy Pelosi’s symbolic action is the latest example. Not even sure whom told here the photos were there. Such an idiot she is...she needs to go.

fishinguy commented on Buy local

Either go out and deal with it or as mentioned stay at home. Another option is to get it to go which most of the establishments will take of you.

fishinguy commented on Summer visitor

Some not all of the summer visitor are rude to us full time people that do live here year round. I have personally told a few of them to go back if they do not like the cashier or price of items. We have feeling also. So untuck your shirt relax and blend in if nothing else. Oh and tip extra.

Nice idea I like it. There is plenty to go around as well. That would send the smelly scum that as you say rabble rousers back out of our town.

In the event you all do decide to come to the high country please bring your own supplies, everything. Oh do not forget to pack all of you stuff back home as well.

Who wants to go to the desert this time of year for next several months DUH.

fishinguy commented on Warnick: My thoughts on COVID-19

More then anything else this is in my opinion the best part.

It is time for government and health officials to get out of the way and allow Americans to live and/or die as they so choose. Each individual has personal responsibility for their own health and freedom.

OK OK so if you could give us the public more information as to more specific locations of those that have the virus would be really helpful. Ages of those whom have it all the data that can be given.

Most of the virus is on the reservation. The reservation inhabitants are not stayi…