For those who like the freedom of not wearing a mask, you're really going to hate a ventilator. This virus is no joke and it's spreading like wildfire.

Well, that's the last time I give The truck stop my business. Any business which has political views against fighting this virus should keep them to theirselves. You may lose a lot of customers who may not have the same views. Fear? You bet. This is no ordinary flu and it's spreading like…

Thank you, Peter Alshire, for your rare voice of reason during this pandemic among the journalists at the WMI. Navajo County is one of the worst hotspots in the nation.Good to see science is not completely swept under the rug.

I just wanted to add that this is irresponsible journalism for Warnick to add her opinion that people would rather celebrate "freedom". There are many of us in town (I live in Lakeside) who, if infected, could be a death sentence. Thank you, but we can draw our own opinions.

Gandolf commented on Tell the truth

If the shoe was on the other foot, I wonder how you'd feel. If it was a black cop snuffing out the life of a white man and people took to the streets to hold rogue cops accountable for their actions, would you join THEIR protests? I would guess you would, unless you are truly not a hypocrite.

Make the judge and her lawyers clean up the dead animals. They might give her a harsher sentence. She needs to be put away so that other animals don't suffer the torture and abuse this dispicable woman likes to dish out.

Are you kidding me? The only thing he takes serious is how much money he can pilfer from the taxpayers. Suck it up buttercup doesn't work anymore. He's a danger to our democracy and economy.

Isn't it funny how the billionaires and the politicians they support love socialism? As long as it is for the rich. This is the second time our taxpayer money has bailed out the banks and now we have even more of our taxpayer funded bailout money, trillions going to huge corporations. But…