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There is a saying that two people can keep a secret only if one of them is dead. The level of election fraud claimed by some would require the cooperation of thousands of dishonest election workers. It's beyond belief that absolutely no one would leak the story.

If a significant number of vaccine doses remain in storage because people in 1a don't want them, start giving them to people in 1b.

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Rather than write off 2020 as a complete loss, I suggest we suspend it as of last spring when the death toll from COVID-19 began to rise. Resume next summer when vaccines are available in sufficient quantities to protect all who want them. Call the interval in between the Lost Year.

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One only has to listen to Trump's and Biden's public statements to realize that, no matter which one wins the election, the country will lose.

I used to know a guy who grew up in Evanston in southwest Wyoming. He claimed they had only two seasons: winter and the 4th of July. Arizona is becoming similar except that the "seasons" are summer and New Year's Day.

There are times when the "cure" is worse than the "disease". We learned this about alcohol during Prohibition. Reducing consumption wasn't worth the social costs of enforcement. (In his day, Al Capone was as rich as the biggest modern drug lord.) It's past time to accept that the same is …

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There is an argument for burning biomass to produce electricity. Our forests are overgrown with brush that needs to be thinned out. Nature's way to accomplish thinning is periodic fires but that's effective only if they occur often enough to limit the volume of brush burned in each one. I…

The Electoral College is part of the Constitution. Eliminating it requires amending the Constitution. A Democratic House and Senate can propose such an amendment but it must be ratified by at least three quarters of the states. It would take only thirteen refusing ratification to block th…

By now, it should be obvious that there are four rules for defeating COVID-19:

(1) As much as possible, keep away from other people except for members of your immediate family.

(2) When you can't keep away, wear a mask. N95 is best but anything will help. (Home Depot has masks…

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The real hero at the Taylor Walmart was the employee who recognized and took advantage of the probably brief window of opportunity to grab Dominguez's gun and get everyone else safely out of the store. We can't know how many lives he saved besides Dominguez's. Police deserve credit for th…