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You put too much faith into Government. You trust bureaucrats, I trust individuals to make choices for themselves in a free market system which we are holding on to by our fingernails. The Scandinavian countries you cited are Capitalist with a massive welfare system. You can't have Social…

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Impeachment does not mean removal from office. You spout all these pejoratives but you can't site one example of his misogyny. So what, he made some comments in locker room fashion. Were you this angry when Bill Clinton sexually harassed at least 10 women and was actually accused of rape …

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I'm impressed Mr Zimmerman. A one sentence reply instead of a 5 paragraph tome!

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Lyman is a true pro. It's always a pleasure to play music with him.

Why don't you point your wrath at the most polluting nations? Start with China, India, Russia. The united states is the least polluting first world nation in the world. If global warming is that serious, dire and imminent then just cut to the chase and eliminate 50% of the worlds population…

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Don't we already have a "Distracted driving law"? We don't need another Law for individual distractions.

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Groper of Women?? Are you talking about Bill Clinton/

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To my left leaning friends, would Hillary have been a better choice and, why?

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Well said.

You must have missed that point in History where the Afgans with their small arms ran the Russians out of that country in the 70s.