Justsayin141 commented on Marijuana grow bust near Stanford Road

Huge waste of resources when cannibis will most likely be legal in a few months. I would like to see law enforcement concentrate on some real criminals that pose a legitimate threat to the community.

It is about time the county starts digging into that big healthy cushion of money they have. They sure don't like to talk about it much as they continue to raise our taxes. The county has wasted an incredible amount of money trying to upgrade their property tax sytem for the last 8 years.…

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Unfortunately the first comment above is a perfect example of the dumb and dumbfounding way some of the locals who have been educated here act like Neanderthals.

Thank you Democrats for looking out for us while the Republicans continue to exploit us for money and power

This is what law enforcement has been doing for probably over 20 years. All of the heartbroken victims of these brutal crimes are treated with complete silence. Its cruel and completely disrepectful of the people that pay taxes to be protected not scammed. I have filed a civil rights viol…

Are you really Matt Owens? I dont believe you are.

Why do you think he's a hero?

So are these guys the horse killers too? The Forest Service would be in charge of investigating the protected horses. I wonder how that investigation is going...

The customers you see at the crowded stores is human stupidity and ignorance. The state government is doing a great job in trying to keep us safe. There is no plot, it's science.

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I don't think people understand and choose to remember the brutality of what was done to the Native Americans. It hasn't been that long since your world was destroyed and you deserve love and support. Your strong leaders will get you thru, maybe you are one of them.