Justsayin141 commented on End of American democracy

19JKS49 good input and you say it so well with no big dish of sarcasm. Thank you

Justsayin141 commented on Kelly and cannabis money

I think it is so strange how we never hear about the new money flowing into our local government.

Justsayin141 commented on Colin Powell’s COVID-19 fight

Thank you Jim. You guys are really doing a good thing by educating your readers.

Justsayin141 commented on Rumor addressed by airport manager

Wonderful job on going to the source to clear up misinformation.

Justsayin141 commented on Snowflake and Taylor Town Council News

It's really disappointing that Snowflake lies to some of us about what they plan to do. For example, I have been complaining about my $80 a month water bill for a single person in a two bedroom house for eight years. I was promised by the town manager two years ago that they would look in…

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Whtmtnres you have said nothing but you show great disrespect for the writer of the article. It's make me think you may have a financial interest in this? The women in Navajo County are tired of bullies like you and we plan to take care of the problem in front of a Federal Judge. Can you …

Justsayin141 commented on Vote no

ok to start..... Our county government has done nothing to make us safer from losing our home to a massive wildfire. We don't like the attitude that the visitors bring with them. Such as treating us like we are the workers at their amusement park. How would you like us camping in your com…

Justsayin141 commented on Election concerns waste of time?

Good thought. Very true. Kinda like the belief that chemtrails are used for mind control. If they really were then people would believe anything. Oh maybe they do work.

Big big money and low vaccination rate. Ok let's break out the monetary incentives. Everyone who gets or has been vaccinated gets $500. Will that work? I like it.

This gives me a headache.