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Where is the Republican healthcare plan? For 10 years, an entire decade, the GOP has railed against the ACA. They tried their bogus "repeal and replace" that fortunately was shot down by McCain. Replace with what? We've heard they have a plan, an outline, some scratching on a napkin, and …

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The writer needs to turn off the Fox propaganda machine and examine some real facts. The Dow Jones stock market increased 150% under Obama. Is that his definition of "anemic"?

With the last month published numbers on the deficit, the first month of the 2020 fiscal year, America is o…

Wow Joylove. Do you really believe there's no truth to these allegations? You think that Law enforcement has nothing better to do than arrest teachers? Or is this another attempt to cover up all the crimes that occur in this pristine little town. Witch hunt? How much Faux Spews do you watch?

So he "Knows" all about these alleged infanticide bills but, he can't name them, say who wrote them, or any specifics. Sounds like fear mongering.

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100% correct Ron. The 4 congresswomen never said they hate America. Trump said they said it and then Faux Spews repeated it ad nauseam. That's how the trump propaganda machine leads the weak minded.

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Here's a great idea for all those who hate the ACA. Since you all like Make America Great Again, let's go back to the early 50s where, if you showed up at the hospital without money or insurance, they would show you the door. I just love how all you trumpeters who scream about the Left an…

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Nike makes it's shoes in the same country that trump's MAGA merchandise comes from.

Trump has repeatedly shrugged off concerns about the debt, implying that he doesn’t have to worry about the money owed to America’s creditors—currently about $21 trillion—because he won’t be around to shoulder the blame when it becomes even more untenable. The friction came to a head in e…

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Well there you have it. If you don't like the facts and reality, pop off with another conspiracy theory. I mean, what do all those folks with advanced medical degrees know? All those researchers at the CDC and all the research done at top notch labs across America doesn't compare to what …

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Gee Russ, how about some real facts? Here's the # of abortions by year since 1990.

1990 1,429,247
1991 1,388,937
1992 1,359,145
1993 1,330,414
1994 1,267,415
1995 1,210,883
1996 1,221,585
1997 1,186,039
1998 884,273
1999 861,789
2000 8…