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Either way - PLA approved!

There he goes - pulling his old ripped up US Constitution out of the woodpile again...

from? The great party leaders print it! Magic! Demrats love fiction.

That's right, Peking Partisan! Demrats are entitled to their Green Haboob - bringing them a cloud of obama bucks and Free Stuff!

Where does it come

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This is your brain on CNN

They are destroying the evidence - a Cultural Revolution like their mentors; the Chicoms. Then their controlled education system can rewrite the history - including the 2nd amendment - right gunshow pxllr?

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What a miserable unhappy existence the delusional demrat partisan has. But do a search for "weaponizing biotech" and factor that into your consideration of what role this virus plays in the subversion of our country by the demrats and their chicom allies.

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Delusional drivel. Good for your next Starbucks meeting with all the raised fists and dental gnashing.

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The mask (sub-n95 level) is a courtesy to those around you in case you are presymptomatic or asymptomatic, to prevent spread to those vulnerable to a serious case of infection if properly worn. This practice has made quite a difference in Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand. As a protective mea…

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Well you just never know who's going to show and do what when you have all those "cute kids" coming to represent terrorist mobs like blm and antifa so it's best to be prepared, especially when you know that it is part of a traitorous plan.