liberty2012 commented on Armed man threatens Walmart employees

[sad] "He was released after seeing a judge." Really? No wonder people break the law, because they get away with it.

"Baker said the location at MMRC will get them above the trees and in the line of site to the towers on 260 and will give them access to utilities." Is this necessary because it is 5G??? The article didn't say.



liberty2012 commented on An open letter to Governor Ducey:

Good Grief. This is America, the land of the free and the brave.

Very good article. I appreciate you taking the time to inform the public regarding this new program. For those who do not like AIMS, it seems education is jumping from the frying pan into the fire. Thank you Mary.

liberty2012 commented on Romney won, Ron Paul didn’t

People do not yet fully understand. We only have an ILLUSION of freedom in this country and the illusion that our vote counts. The elections are all rigged. How in the world do you explain how the RNC already knew that Mitt Romney would be the nominee a year ago? And, remember John McCain…

liberty2012 commented on Two words come to mind: Marleita Begay

Uh....the last time I looked there IS a republican running for Treasurer.....