longtimeresident commented on Developer wants zoning change near the Y

This is a perfect example of NIMBY. This land has been for sale many times before and after the Northfork subdivision was created. I recall being told of opposition to the change in Zoning required from the ranch zoning, to zoning that allowed the development of the Northfork subdivision.…

How true.

I wish WMI had a thumbs up option for comments!

longtimeresident commented on SL schools hosts Vitalant for blood drive

WMI, isn't this school in Linden (not the City of Show Low) part of the EdKey chain of charter schools so it has nothing to do with the Show Low School district, yet your headline is SL school?

I was there donating and appreciate all the help the school staff provides but,,, the hea…

longtimeresident commented on Show Low Police log

If they were on my residential street more, they would get the locals who use my street as a raceway, and I mean 65mph+ in a 25. I can't blame the PD too much though; many people seem to be terrible drivers these days.

longtimeresident commented on Letters

When the corporation who owned all of the local Speedway Stores bought up all of the local Circle K's our prices have stayed high since there is no competition anymore. No politics, just free enterprise at work.

longtimeresident commented on Letters

Good retort Ron but facts and logic don't seem to affect people who have their own set of beliefs no matter how wacky those beliefs are.

" Assuage their family’s concerns", I don't know if that is the Sheriff's departments job. If he is an adult and left on his own free will, where is the crime? These types of cases are lose lose for everyone involved. The family suffers and LE struggles until and if his body is recovered …

Don't know unless the Pinetop Store changed ownership. WMI prints so many submitted articles anymore and they are mostly useless with not much of a link to our communities. This one for instance is just an Ad for Food City without stating where their nearest store it located. It would ser…

Ok MtnDame, I question your comment castigating Mr. Leech for doing what he thinks is best for the City of Show Low and its' residents "as an elected Republican official " because I thought City elected offices were non-partisan. I do not recall seeing an R or a D by any council wannabes …