MikeAnspach commented on Sunrise needs upgrades

I completely agree. The WMAT could have something really special if they just took care of their Sunrise facility.

My only issue with Mr. Ludden's letter is his assertion the tribe's "focus is more on the casino". As a resident of the area, I'd have to s…

Civil asset forfeiture is theft. -me (apparently a radical individual, per Mr. Moore)

Lee, thank you for this nice explanation of Woodland Lake's history and Arizona's water rights. Far too many folks don't understand these issues, yet are quick to jump to wild conclusions about how other people's property/rights should be managed.

Good bit of info. Thanks for sharing.

Mr. Sattinger was found dead more than 10 days ago, investigators were on scene for well over a week, and all WMI can tell us is the death has been "labeled as suspicious"? I realize this isn't the Journals, Times, or Post, but how about a little investigative reporting?

While I certainly don't agree that "people do not trust law enforcemant [sic]", I would like for Pinetop-Lakeside Police to tell us if there's potentially a murderer roaming freely in our community.

I applaud the Independent for their local coverage and would like to see more of it. National and out-of-state issues, such as the passing of Mr. Monson, aren't the reason I subscribe to our local newspaper.

Rebuttal: one can never have too many Mexican restaurants. :-)

The economy must be able to support them, because in the past few months we've seen other places come and go, but Mexican food still persists. I'm not complaining. Now how about opening a Guayo's in Pinetop?