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Indeed, RetAirForceBigBlue. The most basic Google search confirms that climate scientists are in agreement as to manmade warming. From NASA:

The greenhouse effect is essential to life on Earth, but human-made emissions in the atmosphere are trapping and slowing heat loss to space.

As always, Ronzim is the one eye in the land of the blind.

DeSantis would be even more divisive than Trump. He is not what we need.

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I am sorry to learn of this. I enjoyed Nick's friendship during the years I participated in the symphony.

Michael Park


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Well written, as always, Ronzim.

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Amen, brother!

"There is no greater offense than honesty in today's GOP." Jeff Flake

[smile] Ron - I've been a fan of your comments in the Independent for many years. Always articulate and thought provoking.

Mike Park Pinetop

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Mr. Flake gained my respect since he is one of the few Republicans with a conscience.

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When I divide 103,000 by 1,760,000 the result is .058, which translates to 5.8%.