Wow,she just lost my vote,How can you justify the actions of that 17 year old???He came from out of state and killed 2 people???

I fully agree with Mr Ellison

Show low VA has helped me tremendously !!!

They are more help than I ever expected

I actually feel guilty for how they have treated me !!!!

Sad Sad

Flat Earth Society people at their BEST !!!!!!!

You two are products of the FLAT WORLD SOCIETY of the 21st century

It is never too late to help this worlds environment

Russ,If you have EVER been out there ,you would know ,People are RUINING the forest with these TOYS !!!!!

Worse than any logging operation !!!

peterh commented on Of predators and pack rats

I highly doubt the Game and Fish have bounty's on bobcat and lion

Are you from California??

Finally,SOMEONE with common sence !!!!!

Thankyou MARK !!!

peterh commented on Parade entry a disgrace

Azhunter Your sick Im a COMBAT VETERAN No way would I approve of an ex president hanging from a treeI

Wow Is Brnovich telling us that the legislators know more about the good of us versus them??????? I would say the best is to put it on the ballot and let US PEOPLE decide !!!!!

Cakeman,Your giving them way too many POINTS !!!!!!