peterh commented on Laughing stock

Al,Tell me how you really feel about Trump !!!!

I thought the sale of School Trusted State land was going to SCHOOLS???????
Where did THAT MONEY GO ???????

Johndoe You are one bright cookie NOT

Why should she???
Dr.Ford did and you see the grief she got for that !!!
Doesn't seem right does it?

peterh commented on The VA is no model, or is it?

I Personally am VERY pleased with the VA system now
Especially the Show Low Office
They have been Excellent in services

peterh commented on U.S. needs out of the U.N.

Wow AL, Tired agreed with you
Im scared !!!!!

peterh commented on Interview with a hero

Jo,I completely agree with you
As a Combat veteran of the same war(Viet Nam) I realize I wouldn't held up as well as he did as a POW !!
I probably wouldnt have lasted 1 week ,Let alone over 5 years!!!!!!
My hat off to him,A REAL HERO in my eyes
Did I always agree with him in…

peterh commented on A nation disgraced

McCain had a set of gonads ,not like many of Republicans that Trump stepped on !!!!
McCain was a Real HERO and MAN !!!!

Yes ,Just when you feel the world is against you,The sun shines !!!!
I love helping people who appreciate the help !!!

This man is amazing !!
Ive traveled 700+ miles of the Yukon two times
That was on a powerboat
No way would I try that on a kayak. and no GUN ???
you can travel all day and not see another boat !!!
And at 75 years old !!!!
My hats off to you SIR !!!