pioneerfamily commented on Letter fire sale of America

The party of spending? Of course you’re speaking of trumps admin , right?

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I agree. Gosar and Rogers gotta go.

Number of Airwuf's friends arrested 550. Number of leftists impersonating trumpsters arrested, ZERO. Ouch. Airwulf, math doesn't lie like you do.

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As we've come to learn, if a politician has an R in front or in back of their name, they lack a spine and they lack a brain. What a waste of oxygen.

I'll never forget the images of gosar's traitors attacking and injuring police officers with the metal flag poles holding "back the blue" flags. Unforgiveable.

Dealing with trumpers like you is like dealing with persons with dementia. You have been damaged mentally and are beyond fixing.

Gosar gotta go. Traitor.

The tragedy for us citizens is that our broken two party system is incapable of solving any problems. The two dysfunctional parties spend all their time and energy and money solving imaginary problems and can't govern on the real issues.

As a long time Independent, I have voted about 70% Republican and 30% Democrat over the years. I voted for the person , not the party. After the antics of the Republicans at the national and state level following the election, I will never vote for a Republican again. If they have an R af…

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Gosar's gotta go !