81 days to save the country from you mcsally. You have no spine and you have no honor.

pioneerfamily commented on July 4th, 2020

Looks like Dutton is a committee member of the people's republic of china. Remove all politics and the bottom line is china is releasing deadly germs around the world. Why is comrade dutton avoiding the subject?

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Thank you mtnwitch for making my point. You do in fact have the right to die.

P.S. It's OUR constitution, not just your constitution.

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Sounds like the Show Low gene pool needs cleansing, so by all means don't wear masks, don't social distance. Let Mother Nature clean up the Show Low population. The average IQ of the area had been heading downward. Time to turn that around.

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Well, I'll be darn, mr. Russ you are correct on every point.

Now if we could stop that left - right thing. That democrat - republican thing. If we could work together to put yours and ron's suggestions into action we just might make progress.

But, alas, we can't do that. That …

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For 100 years we citizens have waited for the blue line to be crossed by good officers against bad officers. Your profession has refused to do so. Now videos show how you are incapable of doing the right thing. You are militarized and too many of your members are unfit for law enforcement…

So this election our choice is either a person with no soul or a person with no brain.

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I'm a registered Independent and I own an AR and an AK. I've owned firearms long before you two Yahoos were born. The ignorance of you two is staggering.

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For the life of me I can't understand the logic of bringing an AR 15 to a street protest. Wearing a sidearm as personal protection is as old as Arizona has existed. A semi automatic long gun is designed to be used on targets 100 to 400 yards away. What on earth are these yahoos expecting …

Over 25 years ago, an NAU professor stated that our ponderosa forest needs to be at 25 to 50 trees per acre. The forest service and their yokel bosses in DC aren't able to conceptualize that math. So, Mother nature steps in and says, I'll show you how it's done, but you people living in t…