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Would someone please tell Kari lake that Americans and in particular Arizonans do not like poor sports and sore losers. She will have a very short political career if she does not concede.

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MAGA - make attorneys get attorneys. The Donald corrupts all around him.

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Left, left, left, left. You are a broken record .ms. Unibrow.

A cult is a cult is a cult is a cult. If you are in the trump cult, nothing good will come your way. Just ask the followers of Jim Jones.

Not name calling, just a medical diagnosis. Mtndame, you need mental health care.

You do realize that both parties are putting forth , damaged, incompetent sociopaths for state and national offices. Thus, the anger and frustration on all sides. In a race to the bottom, both parties have damaged our social fabric, possibly beyond repair. This is all on the boomers. I ho…

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Good Lord, what are you smoking? Have you not seen the VIDEOS of her threats?

If the election was fraudulent then Rogers is not officially elected. Your eyes can’t comprehend actual videos but your eyes can see imaginary election claims. You need to seek medical help before you harm…

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Good for her. Now she can concentrate on staying out of jail for being an oath-keeper, insurrectionist, traitor. Does the Constitution mean anything to you oath-keeper? An oath from you means nothing. Will you be running to Russia with Trump once the law comes calling? Hope you and Gosar …

Agree with probation, but bill them for the cost of search and rescue. Otherwise , why have the stupid driver law. Stupid driver A drives into water, death occurrs. Every person in state penalized to build $24 mil bridge so stupid person B does not repeat error. didn't think the law was m…