Sounds like pure and simple greed!! Leave the trees and beautiful land alone!! Must be a tRump wanna be.. quit destroying the area and the planet!

Just take a drive up E. Ellsworth and the corner of S.15th St. to see abandoned car and garbage and a falling down mobile if you want to see junk.. County should clean it up yesterday.... been complaining for more than 2 years.. get with it Navajo County!

OK so how many people in Show Low and Pinetop/Lakeside have actually been diagnosed with covid19???? ok White Mtn. Newspaper please inform us.. Thanks.

What will the owners do when their leader is gone? Oh I know they will apply for assistance right.... dump trump store and followers.

You Russ need to see a mental health doctor! Since your leader tRump has been in office we have had nothing but hateful, humanity destroying problems. ie: coronavirus, and now hate filled demonstrations.. I am surprised the bible he held did not burn him up. Get some other hobby will you.

sensible commented on Nothing to fear but fear itself

Pray to the creator to give you knowledge that you are more than a body.. and yes please get this pandemic gone. AMEN


[sad] it's not time to fully open yet! hope you Russ don't get Corona virus.

I truly hope whomever did this gets corona virus and spreads it to helper who did this awful needless killing!!!!

Maybe road blocks coming into our mountains to keep out if towners out!! No respect for nature or the people who live here or the beauty of the Creator. Keep them out!