This is why you do NOT trust a company or gov't run retirement fund. You need to do your own & fund it yourself.

Why can't they start with an arieal survey of the areas first before going in on foot? When the aircraft crashed it damaged the environment [trees & bushes, ect..] so why not start looking for that first, the damage path is larger than the aircraft & easier to find

Semper Fi Sir...Your tour here is now done, don't forget to check in with Chesty when you report to your new duty station.

But the Reservations ate technically sovern soil for those who live on them answering only to themselves & the federal gov't [via treaty]

Congrats, way to go guys!!

He should have recived a more harsh of a punishment. It is people like this that give us ethical hunters a very black eye & a bad name.

This is a result of all the years of allowing those who have NO idea on how to deal with a wilderness to be in charge of a wilderness area/s. Tell the fed's to bug off & get in there to clean out the forests & turn over the excess wood to the biomass power generator.

This is great news for the Special Needs community. Thank you & way to go guys

Maybe it is way past time to server the ties of the Tribe to the federal gov't. From where I am sitting, you guys would do a lot better on your own, then relying on the fed for help. But that is just me speaking

Just too bad this current admin. just ignores the law/s & does what they want too. and WE the Citizens of this country are held hostage to their whims, and wants! Throw OUT all the bums in every election till we drain the swamp, also limit or remove the lobbyist/s who push their agenda…