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The Concho Cowboy commented on Senate passes Tonto Creek bridge bill

LDS needs to build the bridge themselves, they are the ones who created a community there and now they break the law endangering children until someone does then whine that a bridge would have saved them. No following the law would have saved them, not choosing to live in a remote area so…

No it's still illegal, just report them to the ATF. These sanctuary laws are about as useful as the lib ones, ICE can still go in and arrest, don't think the laws don't apply to you anymore. The law is the law and anyone who doesn't follow it is un-American.

The Concho Cowboy commented on High school teacher arrested on felony charges

So do you think they should do nothing? Report back when the trial is over.

The Concho Cowboy commented on Vernon water customers face increase

So you're complaining that your second house is costing you too much money?

The Concho Cowboy commented on The VA is no model, or is it?

Oh man you're right but our Guaranteed public education, Public transportation, Fire departments, Police departments, Public libraries, Roads & highways, Social Security, Medicare/medicaid, Public prisons & jails, Public hospitals, Public universities, Public parks, Public toilets, P…

The Concho Cowboy commented on Cities and towns need the jail tax

If there is one thing I know it's statues never change and governments higher up the food change (county, state, fed) never ever take money from cities. That never happens and has never happened.

That's because you're an idiot Russ, we all know that. I also doubt someone like you would be able to hit something from that distance.

Maybe too low of cost, they can't keep track of their own/our money:

The Concho Cowboy commented on Broken promise in Pinetop

It's funny that you think the government should be able to do whatever they want unchecked? Is that American?

The Concho Cowboy commented on Trashy Democrats?

So you are opposed to getting young people to vote? I mean an event has to start somewhere, did you not go because you were scared of the liberals? The only way our County will change is if we work together and you seem to have shown that you are unwilling to go to a non-partisan event.