Whiplash Willy

Whiplash Willy commented on Free speech

Hey if we defund the police its not all bad we could enjoy a beverage of our choice while driving again .

Whiplash Willy commented on Christ belongs in Christmas

Come on guys man up and go to Walmart if that don't make you say Jesus Christ at least once nothing will .

Whiplash Willy commented on A better life in the White Mountains

Yeah , great place all we need now is a proper gentlemen's club perhaps they could install a north pole for areal Christmas feel .

Whiplash Willy commented on The Media Was Wrong About the Caravan

These illegals are very important to those in the building trades as they are subsidized by the taxpayers, they can work for less than unsubsidized citizen workers .

Whiplash Willy commented on U.S. needs to be a nation of laws

I remember when we cared more about the children , now we have Michael Jacksons image on Pepsi I remember when it was on milk cartons to draw your attention to the missing children on the back . Oh for simpler times .

Whiplash Willy commented on What Trump gets

Ron's right don't lock your car or house a determined burgler will get in anyway and it impedes his way of earning a living .

Whiplash Willy commented on Get families back together

Wow history repeats itself people were saying Clinton was going to be president for life as well as Bush and Obama . Great line again and again .

Relocate them to a place with a ready food supply and water catchments the southern border perhaps .

Whiplash Willy commented on Please clean up after your dogs

Thankfully you do not live in San Francisco the doggy doo would be the least of your worries .

Whiplash Willy commented on Get families back together

Children should never be separated from their parents abolish child protection services expand the prison system so lawbreakers can still be with their children .